Starlink Promised to Enter Indonesia 2023, How Fast Is the Internet? – Service satellite internet which is under the auspices of the SpaceX rocket company owned by Elon Musk, Starlink continues to expand its reach after its global launch in August 2021.

Until May 2022, Starlink internet is available in 32 countries in the world, including in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Chile, to Mexico.

According to the official website, Starlink is targeted to enter Indonesia in 2023.

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Interestingly, even though it is a new player, Starlink in Lithuania, Mexico, Chile and Australia has been named the fastest satellite internet provider in a row in Europe, North America, South America, and the Oceania region.

At least that’s according to a report by Ookla, the app’s creators internet speed Speedtest, for the period of the first quarter (January-March) 2022.

So, how much is it actually? Starlink internet speed so crowned as the fastest satellite internet on a number of continents and regions?

Starlink Lithuania hits 160 Mbps

In Lithuania, the median value for the download speed is 160.08 Mbps. Meanwhile, the median figure for the upload speed was recorded at only 24.19 Mbps.

With this download speed, Ookla has named Starlink in Lithuania as the fastest satellite internet provider on the European continent. Beating the fastest cable internet download speed on the European continent which is now held by Spain, which is 131.99 Mbps.

Starlink Australia hits 124.31 Mbps

In the Oceania region, Starlink already operates in two countries, namely Australia and New Zealand. Of the two, Starlink in Australia has the faster internet speed.

In the Kangaroo country, Starlink internet has a median value for download speeds of 124.31 Mbps. While the median value for the upload speed is only around 11.71 Mbps.

With a median download speed of up to 124.31 Mbps, Ookla has named Starlink in Australia as a satellite internet provider in the Oceania region.

In comparison, Starlink in New Zealand has a median download speed of 118.7 Mbps and a median upload speed of 13.09 Mbps.

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Starlink Chili tembus 110,49 Mbps

Ookla named Starlink in Chile as the fastest satellite internet on the South American continent.

Satellite Internet Elon Musk’s property is recorded to have a media download speed of 110.49 Mbps. Meanwhile, the median upload speed is around 21.05 Mbps.

Starlink Mexico hits 105.91 Mbps

Finally, Ookla also named Starlink in Mexico as the fastest satellite internet service on the North American continent.

The reason is, Starlink in Mexico has a median download speed of 105.91 Mbps and a median upload speed of 19.1 Mbps.

Based on Ookla data, Starlink Mexico’s speed is also faster than Starlink services in Canada and the United States.

For the US, Elon Musk’s internet has a median download speed of 90.55 Mbps and a media upload speed of 9.33 Mbps. While in Canada, Starlink has a median download speed of 97.4 Mbps and a media upload speed of 10.7 Mbps.

In general, Elon Musk’s satellite internet speed reaches 100-160 Mbps. For more details, Ookla details the median for Starlink internet download and upload speeds in 21 countries, below, as compiled by KompasTekno from the Ookla website, Tuesday (5/7/2022).

The full Ookla report on Starlink’s internet speed can also be viewed via the link the following.

Countries where Starlink operates Media download speed (download speed) Media upload speed (upload speed)
Lithuania 160,08 Mbps 24,19 Mbps
Belgium 147,85 Mbps 13,95 Mbps
Slovakia 146,25 Mbps 20,44 Mbps
Croatia 136 Mbps 24,15 Mbps
Austria 132,61 Mbps 19,39 Mbps
Portugal 131,64 Mbps 32,05 Mbps
French 131,12 Mbps 16,45 Mbps
Italia 124,95 Mbps 20,78 Mbps
Ireland 124,6 Mbps 24,14 Mbps
Australia 124,31 Mbps 11,71 Mbps
Poland 119,08 Mbps 20,22 Mbps
New Zealand 118,7 Mbps 13,09 Mbps
Greece 116,36 Mbps 19,54 Mbps
German 114,52 Mbps 15,77 Mbps
Chili 110,49 Mbps 21,05 Mbps
Dutch 110,1 Mbps 15,18 Mbps
Spanish 108,43 Mbps 28,94 Mbps
Mexico 105,91 Mbps 19,1 Mbps
United Kingdom (UK) 102,21 Mbps 11,72 Mbps
You have 97,4 Mbps 10,7 Mbps
United States of America 90,55 Mbps 9,33 Mbps

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