‘Starling’ Arrives Sustenance Due to Citayam Boy Siege in Sudirman

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Coffee sales around or commonly called “Starbak Around” (Starling) sudden sustenance due to a group of original teenage children CitayamBogor which “dominates” the area SudirmanJakarta.

“So it’s increased Alhamdulillah, one day it can be finish 100 glasses and on holidays it can be up to 150 glasses. That’s the result of a lot of kids hanging out, right,” said one of the starling coffee sellers, Adi in Jakarta, Tuesday.

coffee seller starling who came from Sampang, Madura admitted that he was very grateful for this phenomenon so that the sales offered were selling quickly unlike the previous month.



“I sell cold and hot drinks,” he said.

The sales offered have a starting price of Rp. 5,000, if it is calculated, Adi can earn around Rp. 500 thousand in a day.

Not only Adi, another coffee seller who is also trying his luck in the area, Rafli admits the same thing as happened to Adi.

“A day it can be up to 100 and holidays can be up to 15,” said Rafli while serving his buyers.

As is well known, the Sudirman area, precisely in the Dukuh Atas MRT Station area, is currently the attention of many people.

The area is viral through various social media because there are many groups of young people wearing unusual “outs” and also having unique stories.

Indeed, since the last few months the area has been visited by young people from various regions.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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