Starfield resembles the space child of Skyri and Fallout 4

Space RPG Starfield of course, the creators of The Elder Scrolls saga and newer Fallouts from Bethesda Game Studios could not miss the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. It was even about the grand finale of the entire presentation, directed by creative director Todd Howardand so we got a lot of shots of gaming and information.

Even when the creators showed us a visit to the moon Kreet, which orbits the planet Anselon, it was clear that Bethesda Game Studios still knows basically only one type of game, respectively. that the evolution of what we already know awaits us in the first place. Everything we are used to from any part of The Elder Scrolls or from the current development of the Fallout series, we can simply find here. Fauna that is not always hostile, discovering specific locations, collecting experience points, mining raw materials, minigame unlocking locks, crafting weapons and their improvements, all this is simply available during the expedition on May 7, 2330. A everyone who played SkyrimFallout 4 or Fallout 76must feel at home, despite the diametrically different set.

When the fight starts, for example, almost everything looks like playing Fallout 76. Of course, minus the lag and other technical problems. The weapons behave similarly, the interiors have a very familiar design and there are even grenades with unchanged impact indicators.. And when the playable character raises his watch to his hands, we could imagine Pip-Boy in their place. Maybe it’s the almost identical arm movement animation. Yes, some of it may change by issue, but it’s just further proof that Bethesda Game Studios staff like to stick to what they already know and what players are used to.

But not everything is quite familiar. For example, a visit to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison shows advanced NPC face processing. In some passages, the graphics are almost indistinguishable from Fallout 76 to the highest graphics settings, but it is the faces of the characters that show that Although the Creation 2 engine is only an improved version of the old engine, which Morrowind still remembers from 2002, and not a brand new technology, there is clearly no ugly spectacle ahead of us..

At the same time, perhaps we do not have to worry that fans of the RPG genre and RPG elements will experience an impoverished experience. The character editor is back, and according to Todd Howard, it’s the most advanced character creation system the studio has ever created. There will also be a choice of the character’s past or optional features, as well as a varied selection of perks, which this time can be improved by meeting various challenges. And because building bases in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 is so popular, on planets and moons, we get the opportunity to build our own bases and habitats for survival, research and the collection of raw materials. What’s more, you can employ the characters you meet while playing. At this point, you can’t help but remember the farming addon, which is part of the Creation Club in Skyrim.

But we will not only be able to build bases. In one case, Starfield does look very different from The Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series, in building his own spaceship.. Within the appropriate editor, you can change and modify the individual modules of the ship, tune the appearance of the exterior and interior, manage the crew and address the power of engines, weapon systems and shields. With your own ship, you can then go into space and fight against enemy ships. Here, of course, one would look for Skyrim or Fallout 4 in vain, especially when it comes to looking at one of the space stations, where it will obviously be possible to refuel and replenish supplies.

The good news then is that you no one has to limit the exploration of the game world. You can land on the already mentioned planet Jemison and look at the city, but it is also not a problem to explore any other part of the planet. And that’s true of every space system Starfield has to offer. Desolate bodies rich in resources, planets and moons full of life should all be completely open to all players. In total, Howard has promised us over 1,000 planets in more than 100 systems. Of course, we know Todd and his promises and exaggerated numbers, so it will probably be better to take everything with some reserve, but the truth is that a cursory compilation of different biomes and environments looks breathtaking.

Starfield comes out sometime during the first half of 2023 in PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X | S versions. The game will be part of the Game Pass offer from the date of issue.

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