Stara Zagora remains without fireworks for the New Year, the money – for an injured girl

Zhivko Todorov, Mayor of Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora is giving up New Year’s fireworks, and the money saved goes to a girl injured in a brutal accident. This was announced on Facebook by Milla-Vas Borisov. Here is what she wrote:

But I can’t help but announce some good news on my darkened Christmas!

This year I suggested to our mayor Zhivko Todorov to join the Four Paws campaign for the New Year without fireworks!

The money saved will be donated to the cause. I’m a step ahead with Didi.

Probably everything will be announced in the profile of Zhivko Todorov and the Municipality of Stara Zagora!

Thanks for his support and for the exceptional gesture on his part!

And he started a messenger conversation with the mayor.

Diana Miteva was injured in a severe accident and lost one leg. Because of her, a charity exhibition was organized at the Thracian University at Christmas, where the 23-year-old girl was a student.
The Facebook page “I’m one step ahead with Didi” lists other ways to help the girl:

1. By donating funds to the donation account – all donations of 100% go to the cause of Diana Miteva.

Public donation fund

First Investment Bank


Bank code: FINVBGSF

Reason: donation for Didi!

/ for a donation contract tel. 0884842933; [email protected]/

2. By placing a donation in a box of our partner sites.

3. By participating in any of the donation events promoted on this page.

4. By organizing a donation event. Call us.

5. Tell friends about Didi’s cause. Be an angel of good.

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