Star Wars: Squadrons Review – Buy, Budget or Demolish?

Many of you have been waiting for a long time … but there it is, the long-awaited Star Wars: Squadrons. A Star Wars from EA that is nothing like their previous game, Jedi: Fallen Order. And that is quite a gamble, given the high quality and the call for a successor. But EA takes it. In fact, the game costs only 40 euros. Is the Force still with this game? It goes without saying that we appointed none other than our own Jedi’s Koos & Daan to test the game. They both played the game with and against each other for a weekend. How did this battle unpacked? Has the game gotten cool? You see and hear it in the Star Wars: Squadrons Review.

You got the faction to choose!

You may have already seen it in the Let’s Play. This Star Wars game is really different from EA’s previous Star Wars game. This time you are not playing with a soldier. And not with a Jedi either. For a change you will work as a pilot of the Empire or of the Rebellion. Who wouldn’t want that? Finally a real experience in spaceship battles. With VR if you want it and it has the goggles. The question now is whether this approach works out well … For example, is the 5v5 mode not too fast and therefore too chaotic? Important questions to be answered in the review.

May the force be with you

With the Star Wars Battlefront games, you have been given a taste of space battles for quite some time. In Squadrons, these space battles are really in the foreground. So it has been a while since the ships were the most important part in a Star Wars game. Shoot us in ’90s Star Wars: Tie Fighter and Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Generally though, Jedi, Sith or soldiers are used to build around in a game. Was the long wait for a space battle focused Star Wars game worth it? Koos and Daan will tell you in the Star Wars: Squadrons Review.

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