Star Wars Comics, Hawkeye, Ghost World | Plastic | Hertz 87.9

Bounty hunters like “Boba Fett” are popular characters in the Star Wars films. The anti-heroes got even more attention with the series “The Mandalorian” on the streaming service “Disney +”. Comic fan Florian Polkoswki presents the comic “Bounty Hunter I – For a Handful of Credits”. Well-known Star Wars characters and new bounty hunters appear there. Florian tells what he thinks of the comic in the “Kunststoff – Comic-Talk”. “Hawkeye” is the inconspicuous hero in the great world of Marvel Comics. He can prove his skills in the mini-series “Hawkeye: Freefall”. There he fights against the villain “Hood”. Florian reveals in “Kunststoff – Comic Talk” what the hooded villain is all about. Nina Lechthoff presents the graphic novel “Ghost World”. Nina tells what makes the coming-of-age story a classic. Also: In the Star Wars comic book “The Dark Heart of the Sith”, “Darth Vader” is looking for “Luke Skywalker”.



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