“Star Trek: Picard”: Second season with old “Next Generation” opponent – new season will not appear until 2022

The new season will not appear until 2022
“Star Trek: Picard”
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On the occasion of “First Contact Day”, the makers of the “Star Trek” universe at Paramount + today, somewhat surprisingly, have a teaser trailer for the second season of the series “Star Trek: Picard” released. That represents the return of Q in prospect – but also dampens the joy of fans with the announcement that the new season will not have its premiere until 2022.

In the new teaser, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) philosophizes about time: It is that real final frontier. It ultimately turns even our most impulsive actions into “history”. What we done over time often weighs less heavily on our conscience than it was could have done. Time always offers new opportunities – but never a real one second attempt.

The images that underline Picard’s considerations turn to a chess board on which there is also a game of poker cards. The Queen of Hearts is uncovered and dissolves in dust – until only that Q remains and the immortal Q (John de Lancie) speaks from the off: The process never stops!

The series thus refers to the opening episode of “Spaceship Enterprise – The Next Century,” in the Q the Enterprise had stopped to get the monkey match To put mankind under threat of extermination – and actually to be judged directly. The mission at “Farpoint Station” as a “test” brought the people a reprieve thanks to Pikard – and Picard the dubious honor of having Q afterwards especially interested in him. In the finale of the series, Picard once again proved that mankind deserves to exist in the universe by solving another test that runs counter to human understanding. Oh well, Q wouldn’t he be himself if he didn’t keep changing the rules of the game at his own discretion.

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The Q-Continuum and its busiest inhabitants Q (de Lancie) had various appearances in the other Trek series, most recently a short cameo in “Star Trek: Lower Decks” (TV wishlist reported).

“First Contact Day”-Reveal: Q Returns For “Star Trek: Picard”, Season 2

What is the “First Contact Day”

In the movie “Star Trek – The First Contact” (1996; “Star Trek: First Contact”) was set that mankind in the “Star Trek” universe had the first contact with an alien species on April 5, 2063: The first human warp -Flug von Zefram Cochrane had a ship of the Vulcans become aware, which thereupon made the first contact with the earthly mankind. In the film, in an act of desperation, the Borg try to stop this with a journey through time.

Like the “Star Wars” day, May 4th (“May the Fourth / Force”) is the First Contact Day meanwhile quite controlled by marketing-technical interests.

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