‘Star Trek’ must become a ‘Unification’


There have been highs and lows in the Star Trek franchise in recent years. Three quite successful films appeared and there was even the plan that Quentin Tarantino would make an R-rated Star Trek film. Now all film plans are now in the refrigerator, partly due to the successes on the small screen.Serial Star Trek: Discovery, which can be followed on Netflix in the Netherlands, kicked off a whole series of new projects. Alex Kurtzman, head of the Star Trek TV division, wants more unity in the TV and film world. This he said to SFX magazine.

“I’m not currently involved,” Kurtzman says about his role in the movies. “I don’t know where it’s going. Honestly, I’ve got my hands full. After making two of those movies, I loved them so much. I’d love to see continuity and ‘Unification’ in the movies and TV. side, because I think it’s good for Star Trek. It can be done in a variety of ways. “

“Star Trek Unification Universe”
And so Kurtzman seems to allude to a kind of larger universe as is the case with Star Wars, Marvel and DC. It could certainly be an option, but will that happen? So there are no plans yet.

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