Star-studded dream linkage hotly pushes the big drama Huanxi New Year. The New Year’s program “A big drama to accompany you to celebrate the new year” on the New Year’s Day starts

Source Title: Stars Gathering in Dream Linkage Hot Pushing New Year’s New Year’s New Year’s New Year’s Program “Grand Drama to accompany you to celebrate the New Year” will be broadcast on New Year’s Day

The dumplings she made were delicious, the twist he fried was very crispy, he was very broken in guessing the song, and he was named after cutting the window grilles for the first time…Who are they?

On February 12, the Chinese New Year program “The Great Drama Accompanied by You to Celebrate the New Year” launched by the Central Radio and Television Central Station Film and Television Documentary Center will be broadcast. On the day of the New Year’s Day, this program teamed up with nearly 50 stars to launch a dream linkage, chat about dramas easily and happily, look back on the hit dramas in 2020, and look forward to the dramas that are worth looking forward to in the Chinese TV drama market in 2021. In the sound of singing and dancing, it satisfies the audience’s desire for slow-paced and slow life during the festival with a unique, novel, fresh and beautiful posture, and enhances the sense of happiness.

In the Spring Festival of the Ox, many people choose to celebrate the New Year on the spot under the normalized epidemic prevention and control situation. Therefore, the TV and mobile phone in the living room have become equipment connecting everyone’s family. How to accompany the people and let them have a “interesting” and “meaningful” this year has become the original intention of the creation of “The Great Drama to accompany you through the New Year.” The show uses a variety of methods such as studio interviews, cloud recording, connection, VCR short films, etc., from the two dimensions of review and outlook, it shows the style of the original drama of the main station and the charm of the market’s top drama. The content design allows actors to share the New Year customs from all over the country. Through this series of presentations that fit the theme of the Spring Festival, the audience can feel the lively atmosphere of the drama accompanying the New Year.

With the general keynote of echoing the times, returning to value, evoking resonance, and celebrating the festive season, deep cultivating the young market and tapping the potential for expression in the era, the role of “big drama recommender” is specially set in “Big Drama with You for the New Year”. Many “old drama bones” in the film and television industry, young actors with excellent performance, strong market appeal and influence, have turned into “drama recommenders”, sharing with the audience many behind-the-scenes stories of widely acclaimed dramas, such as ” “Crossing the Yalu River”, “Secret and Great”, “Circulating Inspection Team”, “Awakening Age”, “Rebel”, “Douro Continent” and so on.

The studio invited Yu Hewei, Jin Chen, Liu Yijun, Zhu Yilong, Tang Jiasan and others to participate. Interview guests include Dong Yachun, Ding Yongdai, Sun Weimin, Wang Jinsong, Wang Ting, Huang Xiaoming, Lin Gengxin, Li Yifeng, Li Xian, Zhang Yixing, Wang Yaoqing, Yang Zi, Ni Ni, Wang Ou, Chen Shu, Di Lireba, Yan Ni, Jiang Shu Shadow and others. Affected by the epidemic, many actors use cloud interviews to “meet in the cloud” and “push drama” with the audience. The “tweeting alliance” formed by the stars has formed a powerful literary matrix, which not only highlights the platform aggregation effect of the main station, reflects the authority of the main station, but also produces a full range of content influences in the film and television circle. The industry influence of word of mouth, and the influence of highly cohesive fans.

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In the program, “Feng Sen is Wang Lin, everything can be Yu Hewei”, and Yu Hewei, who can be “the hero of green plum cooking”, reviewed the behind-the-scenes stories of the hit dramas “The Awakening Age” and “The Tour Inspection Team”. Why is the intensely filmed “Great Battle” worth looking forward to; Jin Chen, “Shen Qinghe Benhe”, who played Ms. Shen three times in a year, shared the stories behind those highlights in the hit drama “Secret and Great”; Zhu Yilong described him in ” In “The Rebel”, how to portray the role of Lin Nansheng is promoted layer by layer; Li Xian, Liu Yijun, Zhang Yixing, Yang Zi and others respectively talked about their roles and shooting perceptions.

In 2020, the main station produced the first panoramic and epic work “Crossing the Yalu River”, a major revolutionary historical theme that showcased the process of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, and its popularity remains high. Director Dong Yachun led the main actors of the three generations of old, middle and youth in the drama to review the creation process of this TV drama in the program “The Big Drama accompanies you to spend the new year”, telling how the volunteer soldiers spent the New Year on the front line, and fully demonstrated their protection. The spirit of sacrifice and revolutionary optimism for home defense.

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The program team also visited the crews of “The Great Battle” and “The Red Ship” (tentative name) that are currently being filmed, leading the audience to understand how their scenes were built. What kind of new technology, how did the director tell the actors, how did the actors cooperate with the filming, and what stories do the props and costumes have.

Wonderful drama, to accompany you in the New Year, 4 hours of uninterrupted broadcast. On the first day of the Year of the Ox, which drama are you most looking forward to seeing? Which “drama recommendation officer” do you most want to see? At 19:30 on February 12, the Central Station Film and Television Documentary Center will present the 2021 New Year special “Play with you for the New Year” will be broadcast on CCTV-8 TV drama channel and CCTV APP. Come and interact with [email protected]电视剧!


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