Star restaurant switches to takeaway pizzas: ‘Right now you have to be creative’

Star restaurant De Rozario in Helmond is changing course in this time of Corona. From Tuesday you can pick up pizzas. And then no standard pizza margherita or quattro formaggi as you are used to, because chef Jermain de Rozario wants to surprise people: “There are things on it that you normally don’t find on a pizza. People have certain expectations of a Michelin star, so we provide a quality pizza. ”

When Jermain De Rozario heard that the catering industry had to close again, he immediately took action. He doesn’t think sitting still is an option. “We have set aside a week to arrange everything from flyers to tasting wines that go with the pizzas. Studio Cendana immediately made the website and so we were able to switch quickly and create something beautiful, ”says the star chef. You pay 19.50 euros for such a star pizza.

The restaurant, which has had a Michelin star since 2018, normally doesn’t do anything with pizzas. “This already raises many questions among people. Because: ‘a star restaurant and pizzas? And an Asian who is going to make pizza? ‘ We are going to surprise people ”, Jermain laughs.

But for the chefs it was also something completely new. “We do it our own stubborn way. We stand for quality, but that does not mean that you work with caviar or truffle. In my opinion it must be something that is absolutely right in taste. ”

What makes the pizzas so special? Jermain explains it:

Jermain believes it is important that his staff can continue to work during the lockdown. But above all, he wants to ensure more happiness in this time. “You only see negativity around corona. It is time for some people to get up and approach things positively. We know that the catering industry is closed. I want to bring some cheer. For example, we have written a joke in every pizza box. ”

According to the star chef, an active and positive approach is desperately needed as an entrepreneur in these times. “Now you have to be creative. You can no longer just play a restaurant and live off it. It’s time to roll up your sleeves. If we all survive this together, we can take on the whole world. ”

And if you live in Helmond, it could just be that this chef will be at your door next week with a free pizza. “Of course we have to talk about word of mouth. So I’m going to deliver some pizzas this week. I just drive through Helmond, for example to ‘t Haagje, the Heistraat and the Oranjebuurt and just ring the doorbell to deliver a pizza ”, says Jermain.


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