Star Exchange: Bendig shocks surrogate family. Bagárová also appears

In Wednesday’s VIP Exchange of Wives, the singer Jan Bendig will find himself in a family of five, which he will get. The surrogate wife, on the other hand, will be at home with Honza’s friend and their dogs. In addition, another star guest will appear in the Exchange!

In the new episode, the audience will meet a family living in the village of Trhová – with the singer Honza (27) and his friend Lukáš (35). Honza and Lukáš were addressed by the production Exchange of Wives. The singer loves this show, and when he was little, he persuaded his mother to sign up.

The Exchange partners still want to dispel myths about same-sex couples and prove to the audience that they are actually completely normal. They both have a clearly divided household care, Lukáš does the work around the house, and Honza loves cleaning inside. The singer would not mind taking care of eight children, he would easily take them in real life, according to him.

On the other hand, viewers will meet Růžena (48), Štefan (52), Leon (18), Nikolas (18) and Cindy (13), who live in Žatec. The family returned to the Czech Republic only a year ago after a seven-year stay in England.

Růžena signed up for the Exchange of Wives mainly because no one helps her at home. The couple have lived together for 31 years. They are very lively, but as they say, they are used to it, and when there is silence at home, they are not in their skin.

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There is also a big surprise in Exchange for a surrogate wife. The popular singer Monika Bagárová and her daughter Ruminka, who has a singer with MMA wrestler Muradov, will also show up there.

In this episode, viewers will see how the singer Honza Bendig can handle a family with three children and a demanding father, and whether, on the other hand, Růžena can adapt to a purely male household.

Watch Wife Exchange on Wednesday at 20:20 on TV Nova or now on the Voyo portal.

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