Star accommodation .. Andalib apartment 10 rooms, and the reduction of the rent for Nagwa Fouad’s house in Zamalek to 18 pounds

Cairo’s landmarks and the number of its inhabitants in the fifties and sixties differed from what they are now, as its population at the beginning of the sixties did not exceed 3 million people, and the value of the largest rent in its finest streets did not exceed a few pounds.

Most of the stars of the beautiful time chose the Zamalek neighborhood, which was the most prestigious street in Cairo and Egypt in general, to live in, but many of them gathered housing and addresses one to be neighbors in the same architecture.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakeb magazine published in 1962, the magazine published a file that occupied 4 pages under the title: “Where do the people of art live” detailing the titles and specifications of the homes of art stars, the value of their rents, and the neighborhood relations that brought them together, as some buildings gathered a number of art stars between their roles Different.

Al-Kawakeb indicated that the Zamalek neighborhood had priority in the love of art people to live in it because of its calmness, as dozens of artists lived in it in its eastern parts and the land of the island.

Al-Kawakeb indicated that near the Aquarium in Zamalek, the building where Nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez lived and was on the seventh floor, and it was a spacious apartment consisting of 10 rooms, three bathrooms and two large halls, and the Nightingale lived in it at the beginning of 1962.

And near the building that Abdel Halim lived in, the Zamalek tower was located, which was inhabited by artist Nagwa Fouad, director Youssef Shaheen, and artist Thuraya Helmy and Magdy Al-Amrosi, the lawyer.

Najwa Fouad used to live on the sixth floor and her apartment number 23, and it consists of three rooms and a hall and the rent was 23 pounds, but Al-Kawakeb indicated that after the reduction it became 18 pounds, which is a bedroom and a room for the salon and the third for food, and the hall was designed by Najwa Fouad Ali Arabic style.

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The famous Umm Kulthum villa, which is now replaced by a hotel, was located in the Zamalek district. It was made up of two floors, and next to it was a policeman carrying a rifle on his shoulder and caressing “Tiger”, the great wolf dog of the East Planet.


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