Star Academy: singer Jenifer finally reveals her new baby!

On her Instagram, singer Jenifer (Star Academy) posted a new video in which she finally revealed her new baby to her fans!

A few years ago, Jenifer managed to make herself known at the Star Academy. Recently, she unveiled her new “baby”. And the least we can say is that the fans are delighted.

The return of Star Academy

20 years ago, Jenifer’s fans met her thanks to Star Academy. As a reminder, she had attended the song and dance show. Since then, she has continued to confide in each other.

In an interview with RTL’s microphone, Jenifer revealed: “The Star Academy, I’ve always thought I’d talk about it very freely, is a human adventure that I really enjoyed. (…) “.

Before adding: “To go back, I think it will be done one way or another. After that, if I’m the godmother, I can’t don’t answer clearly yes or no. Why I don’t know yet. But I’ll be there “.

Subsequently, the singer had given advice to the candidates of the new season. She stated: “I’m for the idea of ​​a springboard for young artists! “

Jennifer also revealed: “After that, you have to be careful don’t burn your wings. Do not forget that there is work afterwards. You don’t quit after acquiring everything from Star Academy. Everything must be done “.

For NRJ12, he explained: “I think there will be a reunion, that’s for sure. But what morning? I don’t know at all. It makes me smile, I have a lot of affection for this program. Obviously I participated!

Jenifer announces the release of her new baby

If Jenifer’s fans are looking forward to learning more about her role in Star Academy, she’s dedicated to other projects. Recently, she unveiled her new “baby”. she is his album called No. 9.

Jenifer (Star Academy) worked with Mark Weld on this new project. She also admitted that she had trouble making the hit “Waiting”. Mainly for the subject matter. Namely transmission.

The principal concerned explained: “It took me weeks to sing it. She caused me too many emotions. It’s a song I’d like for now dedicate to my children.

This Monday, September 10, Jenifer (Star Academy) also made new confidences to her fans. In fact, she shared a new video on her Instagram account of hers. She confided in her new album of hers.

The singer also wrote on the social network: “Ciaooo! I can’t wait to announce that my album # 9 will be available pre-order on September 26 at 10:00 in three exclusive volumes (J, E, N !!) “.

Jenifer (Star Academy) also added: “See you without further ado on Inlive Store to discover some surprises! “. She has also collected more than 4,000 “likes” from her fans.

In the comments, the latter are indicated to have done so can’t wait to discover his new album. They wrote : “So excited.”, “I’m so excited to pre-order it.” But also “Super new looking forward to pre-order”.

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