Staňka replaced the injured goalkeeper in the Nguyen national football team

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Nguyen has been on the national team several times, but is still waiting for the premiere start. Goalkeeper number one Tomáš Vaclík should play against Estonia. Stanek was injured during the event and was no longer available for Thursday’s match against Kuwait. Hitchhiker Tomáš Kalas, who stayed on the team, also has minor problems. The coaches believe that it should be available for Tuesday’s match.

The national team took part in the match against Kuwait, which they crushed 7: 0, and they are already starting to prepare for Estonia. “Kuwait and I were able to try the game in full defense. I think we will have to solve something similar with Estonia. We know that it will definitely be a harder match, a better opponent, we are preparing for it. We discussed the match with Kuwait, video for Estonia We haven’t had one yet. “There’s still time for that,” said goalkeeper Aleš Mandous, who caught against Kuwait and played for the national team for the second time, in an online interview.

The Czechs are in second place in the world qualifiers in the score table ahead of third Wales, who has a good match. Only the winner of the group, which is most likely Belgium, will advance to the championship. The teams in the second positions are waiting for the playoffs, where the other two best winners of the League of Nations groups, who will not succeed in the qualification, will present themselves. The Czechs are almost certain that they would eventually occupy one of these two places.

Ruthless Italy. The Czech national team must first tackle the tactics

The representatives can get the final playoff on Saturday evening after the match between France and Kazakhstan. However, it will not be certain yet whether the Czechs will be deployed in the playoffs, which would mean that they will start at home in the semifinals. The venue of the subsequent final will then be decided by lot.

“Just because we don’t know if we’re going to be deployed or not, we can’t even guess who we might have in the playoffs. We don’t even speculate. I hope to get an opponent to beat and move on,” Mandous said.

Goalkeeper Slavie Prague Aleš Mandous.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

With the teammates, they plan to watch the matches in the “Czech” group in the evening, in which Wales will welcome Belarus and Belgium, the upcoming rival of the national team Estonia. “They show Belgium on TV, we will definitely watch it. We will try to find Wales somewhere. Of course we are interested in those matches, so we will watch in peace with the boys,” Mandous said.

The national team is preparing during the November meeting without head coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, who has a coronavirus. The team is led by assistant Jiří Chytrý.



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