Standing to make money or kneeling to make money, thinking about the industry “Super Sense Star Electronic Music” provides a new idea for the circle to break the problem jqknews

On August 12, the fifth phase of the electronic music team competition reality show “Super Sense Star Electronic Music” jointly produced by Youku and Canxing continued to be broadcast. In this episode of the show, several groups of performances that have not appeared on the stage will appear one by one, and the much-anticipated final ranking will also be revealed.

How to balance the cognitive differences between professional creation and market acceptance and reproduction?

In this episode, Liu Boxin and Carta bring a dark reggaeton-style stage performance, which is full of movement in the interlacing of light and shadow; Ayunga and Mars Radio bring the adapted Inner Mongolia Horqin folk song, showing a high-tech dance music. An audio-visual feast; the stage of Bullet and Goodnight Rabbit & Lona, a fusion of Hiphop and electronic music, overwhelmed the audience with impact.

Standing to make money or kneeling to make money into the industry

Standing to make money or kneeling to make money into the industry

With the completion of the three sets of stages, all the Feat. cooperation on the first competition stage also ended successfully, but the final ranking caused discussions on the spot. The works of Goodnight Rabbit & Lona and Mars Radio, which were unanimously favored by the producers, were unsatisfactory in the public hearing and voting session.

At the same time, the conflict between professional creation and market acceptance has been brought to the front again. How to balance professional creation and market traffic has always been a problem that every vertical culture must face, and the same is true for electronic music. How to balance professionalism and traffic when boosting its culture to break the circle? In the face of public aesthetic differences, should you stand to make money or kneel to make money? While focusing on industry thinking points,《Super Sensitive Electron》Through the competition system and link design, we try to find a balanced solution, so as to become the core of the problem-solving variety show.

The differences in comments between the public hearing and the producers not only add highlights to the program, but also reflect the program’s concern and discussion of social and industry phenomena. The emergence of “Super Sensing Star Electronic Music” not only brings this kind of problem to the front of the stage, but also conveys electronic music culture through this form of pan-entertainment, allowing those excellent musical works and talented electronic music producers to use Its own charm attracts more people to understand and love electronic music, thus continuously cultivating changes in the public’s cognition of electronic music.

“Electric Music Night” enthusiastically opened the group building group “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” and turned the audience

The competition system is cruel, but the love for electronic music does not stop. This episode of the program specially held a “electronic music night” team building, allowing 30 groups of electronic music producers to choose four themes of “spring, summer, autumn and winter” according to their style characteristics. Audio relay. While carnival in music, the top four electronic music producers in the Four Seasons Theme Competition can also get the opportunity to stay. In the end, Jin Guisheng, Why Beatz, Zhong Tianli and KAKA broke through the siege among the electronic music producers and successfully stayed.

Standing to make money or kneeling to make money into the industry

After the group was established, the second performance also quietly kicked off. Continuing Yigong’s adaptation form, Ergong’s competition repertoire starts with classic old songs. Exactly which hit songs will be tried and changed by the producers is also expected.

With the continuous progress of differences in social concepts, things that everyone was passionate about when they were young may now be opposed. The things you are passionate about now may also seem unsurprising in the eyes of young people. Although the public will have certain differences in cognition and understanding in society and life, good music and electro-acoustic works are still an important bridge for dialogue and communication between different groups of people.

Just like the song adaptation of this program, the Internet songs are made into electronic music adaptations to evoke the memories of the public. Because everyone is young, at this stage it is just a different age group and there are differences in cognition, but for musical works, the empathy and beauty of music are the same.

The adaptation of old songs combines the old songs of the era with the electronic music that young people love, showing the collision of the two eras, and evoking the common memory of the public, so that groups of the two eras can communicate through the same song, The sparks brought by the collision in series are bound to be splendid.

Standing to make money or kneeling to make money into the industry

In the spread of electronic music culture, the most genuine love is better than winning or losing. I believe that the sincerity and dedication of these electronic music producers towards electronic music, as well as the excellent works they have created, will also allow more people to see electronic music. The fantastic journey of the electronic music universe will continue. If you want to know more related content, you will be on Youku at 12:00 every Friday, and look forward to more exciting shows in the future.

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