Stamp brings YOUNG K. Day6 to join the new single “Heart Fat Sugar High”.

Start the year brightly with a song with a lovely content. A romantic story that every sensitive person has to experience with music. “Fat heart (Sugar High)” of “stamp – Apiwat Uthavornsook “ From the camp 123Records (One-Shines-Sam Records) “

The song talks about the relationship between two people who seem to be more than friends .. But it was not confirmed that the sweet behavior Where he gives us it means to be loved in response, but every time being cared for. In particular, it caused the heart to swell until it was about to explode … This is the origin of the word “Fat heart”that stamp Choose to play the word from the word “Mind Bang” That a lot of people tend to use when meeting someone they like. Or are susceptible to people who like it

The most special Of this song is to work with YOUNG K. (Young K) “ loop Day6From the camp JYP ENTERTAINMENT Come join in composing and singing in rap under the name of the English song Sugar High” This means a child who is abnormally cheerful because he has ingested a lot of sugar.

stampAppreciating working with Young KThat is a very good person Both singing and composing By working in this time Although the current situation makes them unable to travel together. But it is not an obstacle to work at all. Because after Young K Get in touch He has written songs And this song was sent along with the video, which those footage were cut to be used in the MV of this song.

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And also in the MV section “pig – Chayonop Bunprakob “ Who used to direct music “Good secret” Already, this time he has chosen “Mr – Napat Sound Somboon “ A hero that will make the girls Easily ignore obesity With his smile and his gentle gentlemanly

Follow and watch MV for fat heart at the same time on YouTube channel: 123records listen to all music channels on January 14

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