Stalking situation revealed during the trial for breaking into the home of the ex-lover … Man in his fifties arrested in court

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During the trial of a man accused of trespassing on a former lover’s home, it was revealed that he had persecuted the victim for two years and was arrested during the trial.

In March, during the trial of 50-year-old Choi, accused of entering the home of a former lover without permission, in March the 2nd independent investigator of the Seoul Central District Court, persecuting and assaulting the victim for two years was further confirmed. was placed under legal arrest.

During the trial, Choi said: “The victim opened the door and entered the house.” You also claimed to have filed a complaint against

The court accepted the prosecution’s view that there is a risk of secondary harm to the victim and arrested Choi in court.

Choi had already been sentenced to six months in prison in the first trial on charges of violently injuring the victim.

Choi’s appeal for the special injury charge will be pronounced on the 14th of next month, and the first trial for the trespassing charge will be pronounced on the 17th of the following month.

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