Staķis and Smiltēns will meet with representatives of the Pieriga Municipal Association

On Thursday, October 8, Riga City Council Chairman Mārtiņš Staķis and Deputy Chairman of the City Council Edvards Smiltēns, responsible for co-operation with other local governments, will meet with representatives of the Pieriga Local Government Association.

During the meeting, it is planned to discuss further regular co-operation formats, outline priority areas of co-operation, as well as discuss possible investment projects by attracting RRF (Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism) funds, informed the Riga City Council Public Relations Department.

The newly elected Riga City Council has set as one of its priorities the improvement of cooperation with Pieriga municipalities in infrastructure renewal, traffic organization and other projects.

As it is known, the Association of Pieriga Municipalities unites 14 municipalities, the administrative territories of which are located in the Riga planning region. The main goals of the association are to implement the protection of the legal interests of Pieriga local governments, to promote mutual cooperation and economic and social development of local governments.



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