Sport Stadiums: Rouiba soon to be CAF approved

Stadiums: Rouiba soon to be CAF approved


The Sidi Moussa servicing company (EVSM) Seattle is currently lifting the reservations made by the African Football Confederation (CAF) on the Rouïba sports complex (Algiers East) to enable it to host the various continental competitions and this , after completion of the restoration and exterior lighting work, said on Monday a press release from the services of the wilaya of Algiers.

“The Wali delegate of Rouïba Ahmed Boudouh inspected Sunday the sports complex of Rouïba whose refurbishment and exterior lighting works were completed pending the lifting of the reservations formulated by CAF, which EVSM is responsible for empowering to host the various continental competitions “, said the wilaya in its press release made public on its Facebook page.

A site will be launched for the creation of an athletics track at the level of this complex located in the administrative district of Rouïba, once the lawn is redone.

In addition, Mr. Boudouh instructed the president of the Communal People’s Assembly (APC) of Rouïba to proceed to the conclusion of an over-the-counter market with the Establishment of Realization of CCTV Systems (ERSV-EPIC) for the installation of a video surveillance system, underlines the press release.

Regarding the management of this sports building, “the wali delegate asked the president of the APC to consult with the members of the APC on the realization of a communal public establishment responsible for the management of this structure in application of the guidelines of the wali of Algiers”.

As a reminder, the Rouiba stadium has 15,000 seats.



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