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Stadia on an e-ink tablet, it’s possible and relatively fluid

A Danish student had fun running Google Stadia on an Android tablet with an e-ink screen and the result is relatively – and surprisingly – smooth.

Officially, Stadia is still only available on TVs using a Chromecast Ultra, on PC with Chrome browser and on Google Pixel smartphones. However, a Danish student tried to go even further by turning a still-electronic tablet into a Stadia client.

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As spotted the Vice site, math student Sebastian Ørsted had fun tweaking an Onyx Boox Max tablet to gain access to Google Stadia. Particularity of this tablet, it is not equipped with a LCD or OLED screen, but of a slab in electronic ink, like e-readers like Amazon Kindle or Kobo.

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Vice explains that Sebastian Ørsted initially struggled to make Stadia run smoothly on such a screen. It must be said that the refresh rate of e-ink screens is generally very low, since this technology is primarily designed for reading books and the screen is therefore refreshed only with each page change. “Before, the experience was bad. But I was surprised by the increase in fluidity “says Sebastian Ørsted. Indeed, the Onyx Boox Max tablet is a real Android tablet that can also be used to launch games. In fact, the manufacturer has integrated a dedicated mode called X-Mode.

Once this function was found and activated, it allowed Sebastian Ørsted to play Stadia in a much more fluid way, with an estimated latency between 500 and 1000 milliseconds. Obviously, this is not enough latency for action or shooting games, but this at least allows you to have a fluid image: “This configuration is obviously unnecessary for any comfortable video game experience. But for a technical demonstration, I find it really cool that it works ”.

Remember that if Stadia was only very recently available on Google Pixel smartphones, the platform started opening up to other Android devices. It is currently only a test by Google, but, ultimately, the firm had announced that Stadia would be accessible from all its mobile ecosystem.


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