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The day after the defeat of the Stade de Reims against realistic Marseillais, cold return to the match, it is our D + 1.

We liked:

  • Difficult to find points of satisfaction after such a result, nevertheless let us retain all the same the good intentions stadistes at the start of the match, admittedly sterile. Guion’s men showed the will not to end the season in freewheeling mode, the pressing was high and incisive and considerably hampered the Marseillais during the first half hour, unfortunately a match lasts (still) 90 minutes.
  • We also saw some interesting ball outings even if ultimately spoiled on arrival in the truth zone. A willingness to leave without swinging welcome that will now have to be enhanced as we approach the surface.
  • Mbuku’s goal, sublime ball, unfortunately useless.

We liked less:

  • Always this damn inability to create danger on the opposing goal. Very concretely, apart from Dia’s post in the second half, it was difficult to retain a dangerous opportunity on Mandanda’s goal. The Stadium is able to get the ball out very cleanly, create shifts and then lose all creativity in the opposing thirty meters. Reims offensive animation lacks spontaneity and confidence and has to rely on individual exploits. It is the evil of Reims, we know it, we are still looking for the remedy.
  • The mastery of Wout Faes, the idea is not to blame him alone for the defeat of Reims but the two yellows are logical and could have been avoided with more lucidity. The first in particular, he does not need to let his leg drag on Payet’s tibia in this way. His intervention was good, adding this sole was unnecessary and expensive.
  • Naivety / lack of concentration at the end of the first half, a guilty release and a naive defense especially on the first Marseille goal. The equalizer comes too quickly after the Reims goal and Payet should not be left alone at the penalty spot. Same symptoms, same penalty in stoppage time and Reims returned to the locker room with a goal behind when they held the match less than ten minutes earlier.

We wonder:

  • Is the Rémois bench capable of bringing more? Sierhuis and Zeneli in particular weighed little on the match, of course the circumstances were complicated at 10 against 11 but the Reims jokers are struggling to play their role when the Stadium is in the hard, this is also one of the reasons for the current offensive difficulties.
  • What added value will Oscar Garcia bring? On the sidelines of the meeting, President Caillot publicly named the Spanish coach as David Guion’s successor at the end of the season. In particular, he justified his choice by the desire to establish a new cycle with a more international outlook. Certainly Garcia’s career goes in this direction, passing through Israel, England, Austria, Greece,… but he did not leave only good memories in Saint-Etienne and his last two missions at Olympiakos and in Vigo they are not successful. The wait is high and not certain that the supporters will be very patient next season, it will take more than a fresh eye to thrill Delaune.

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