Stade Brestois B finally authorized to access N2 • Actufoot • Actu du foot pro / amateur

The glass ceiling was shattered. And the players of the Stade Brestois reserve have been released from a burden which incumbent on them. Blocked in National 3 for administrative reasons, they were recently authorized to access the upper echelon in the event of sports promotion. As pointed out The Telegram, if the Stade Brestois A team manages to remain in the elite and especially if the reserve obtains its accession sportingly, it will be validated administratively ”.

This (good) news is the consequence of the distinction received by the Breton club training center which is now categorized in class 2A on the scale of the different levels attributed to the nurseries of professional clubs. “We are back in category 2A thanks to competitiveness criteria linked, among other things, to the playing time of young people, and to schooling”, details Nicolas Mariller, the director of the Brest training center, in comments reported by The Telegram.

Distinction and rewards

As a reminder, this classification extends from Category 2 to prestige level, where the best French centers are located (Prestige: Class A and B, Category 1: Class A and B, and Category 2: Class A and B). Beyond the fact of allowing him to benefit from 10 additional contracts, this new status leads above all to the possibility for the reserve of a pro club to reach the N2 level. A situation that the team coached by Laurent David could have known in recent seasons if it had not been blocked by several factors, namely the level of its training center and the fact that the A team and the team B did not always show two divisions.

The first shutter being now up, remains to look at the second. If the SB29 is today in 18th place in Ligue 1, it still has the possibility of remaining within the elite. Its B team, long leader of its group of National 3, is so far second behind Stade Rennais and will face GSI Pontivy, 4th, this Saturday.



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