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The politician acknowledged that the traffic infrastructure is one of the biggest problems in Riga, which was inherited by the previous coalition. In addition, the development of infrastructure is linked to the ability to successfully absorb the funding offered by the European Union, so this issue is very important.

In turn, the elimination of queues in kindergartens has clear steps that the new coalition will have to take. First of all, pre-school teachers need to be trained, because there is a lack of them. In order to attract them, it is necessary to increase the salary. It is necessary to agree with the university that prepares them, as well as the local government must participate with co-financing in their training and offer study credits.

Stakis believes that more cooperation with private pre-school education institutions and other partners is also needed.

Staķis Latvijas Radio acknowledged that the creation of the position of the third vice mayor is a matter of the stability of the new coalition.

“It’s important to me that we run this marathon at a good pace, helping each other, not stumbling. I need a solid coalition with 39 votes,” Stack said.

As reported, the four forces elected in the new term of the Riga City Council have managed to agree on the formation of a coalition.

“Attīstība / Par” and “Progresīvie” have reached an agreement with the party association “Jaunā vienotība”, the New Conservative Party and the National Union / Association of Latvian Regions on the formation of a coalition.

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