Stable conditions for Tuesday afternoon in New York, according to the weather forecast | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

too.Elian: I really appreciate thatbeen with us this afternoonin digital edition new york,take a lot and conditions thank youby the synthia greets youRafael Bello, this daywonderful Tuesday 14 ofSeptember with conditionsstable, beautiful forcontinue this week, nowwe have at this moment greatpart of the metropolitan areasuper clear skies there inupstate new york istomorrow a little rain andwe saw all conditionsextremely clear and therain found in thefollow the north, it will not pass orclose to us at leastfor the next 48 hours.we will have some clouds thispartly sunny afternoonafter 4:00 a.m.late, we see how the nightis clear withstable conditions, in additionpleasant with conditions in75 we’ll get a little dampfor tonight and tomorrowmeanwhile for today themaximum 82 to 79 °, canfor tomorrow we talk about 85 and86, very sunny, tootemperatures that arejersey like newark and otherslocalities, Thursdaythe temperature dropsdrastically with storms andto start the weekend andfinish with lots of sun, Saturdayand Sunday that will undoubtedly be


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