‘Stabbing’ in Kronenburgerpark: much remains unclear, suspect carried a kitchen knife | Nijmegen

NIJMEGEN – A 30-year-old Nijmegen citizen was arrested by the police on Friday evening in the Kronenburgerpark in Nijmegen. He had been slightly injured in an argument. During a search he turned out to have a kitchen knife with him.

Several police cars pulled out, when it was reported that there had been a stabbing partyj. ,, On arrival, the man was found and several bystanders. But it was unclear who played which role. It was also not clear who was involved in the fight. An unknown number of people flew one another for unknown reasons, ”said a police spokeswoman.

Because the 30-year-old had a minor injury, he was searched. “He was then arrested because he violated the Weapons and Ammunition Act with the possession of the kitchen knife.”


The suspect was also quickly dismissed. “Because he only had a minor injury, the incident is not being investigated as a stabbing. The man can, however, look forward to a fine because he has broken the law. ”

The police say they cannot provide more details about the nature of the suspect’s injury. “That is offender information that we cannot share in the context of the investigation.” What she can say: “It is unclear whether the injury was caused by a knife.”

An ambulance was still called, but nobody in the Kronenburgerpark needed treatment.

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