Staatsliedenbuurt after a hard explosion last night: ‘Pets were under the cupboard’

“I was sitting up in bed, my kids were awake and the pets were under the closet.” The explosion last night in the Van Hogendorpstraat in the Staatsliedenbuurt was extremely loud, local residents tell AT5.

The explosion happened around 4:00 am. Several windows were damaged. The people in the house were unharmed, but there was a trail of blood in the street. An 18-year-old Amsterdammer was seriously injured. Police believe that the victim detonated the explosive device himself because of a conflict.

‘I had my earplugs in, but my ears were ringing. It was that loud, ‘says a local resident. ‘It’s really not normal. That people would take it into their heads to do this. ‘ Another says he heard a car pulling away at high speed shortly after the explosion.

The victim was not immediately visible. Only after an investigation did it appear that the 18-year-old Amsterdammer had reported himself to the hospital, with an ‘injury that, according to the police, is part of an explosion’. Witnesses inform AT5 that he is missing part of his arm. He is being treated medically.

In the waiting room of the hospital was another man who had taken the injured man to the hospital. This man, a 22-year-old from Rotterdam, has been arrested. Further research is being done into his role.

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