St. Peter’s Basilica on Covid-19 Alert, 11 Swiss Guards Reportedly Exposed to Corona Virus, Vatican Fears for Pope Francis’ Health

Tourists wearing masks visit St.Peter’s Square in Vatican City on February 24, 2020. [EPA / ANGELO CARCONI]

Gridhot.ID – Plague corona virus to this day it still haunts globally.

Although many countries have succeeded in overcoming it, there are still some countries that are badly affected.

Italy, which used to be one of the countries that looked bad, was fully recovered from this virus.

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However, recently it was reported that a small country within Italy, namely the Vatican, was shaken by this outbreak.

It is reported that more and more people who are closest to Pope Francis or Pope Francis’s bodyguards are positive for the Corona Virus.

Today was informed, eleven members of the Swiss Guard, who protect or guard the Pope, have contracted the Corona Virus, adding to concerns over Pope Francis’ health.

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On Monday, four men were members of the first guard who tested positive for Covid-19, and seven other cases were announced today.

Vatican reported now continue to find out with whom Guards This infected Swiss has made contact.

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