St. patr. Tikhon Moskovsky: Come to your senses, madmen!

Archimandrite Nikanor, hegumen at the Giginsky monastery

I had many reasons not to say anything, to keep quiet “profitably”. But I remembered the words of a saint: “If we, the monks, who have renounced everything and have no life worries and considerations, do not have families to worry about, we are afraid to tell the truth, then who will tell it ?! WHO, IF NOT US?

Putin’s treacherous attack on Ukraine against Ukraine is an anti-God and God-fighting act that must be condemned as a manifestation of evil in the world!

The Gigini Monastery

The Gigini Monastery “St.St. silversmiths and miracle workers Kozma and Damyan Asiyski “

The eventual protection of the civilian population and the self-proclaimed independence of the Donbas “people’s republics” could have been achieved without going so far. Since 1945, the UN and the so-called “blue helmets” have existed.

To blackmail the whole world through the threat of nuclear war is a demonic act of betraying paranoid fear and insane, satanic pride.

The only way to stop the madness is for all of us who inhabit the planet to unequivocally and categorically condemn the aggressor! Without reservation and without looking for “mitigating circumstances”.

Anyone who even sympathizes with the hand raised in Cain for fratricide incurs God’s wrath for eternal damnation!

We will not die suddenly. Nuclear war will not lead to an “explosion of the planet” – this is what the Holy Scriptures clearly tell us in the book of Revelation. But such sorrows will befall us that the living will envy the dead.

What I write will be read by all kinds of people. Therefore, as we will tell each other the truth, we must tell it to the end.

Both in Russia itself and around the world, people are filling the streets and squares in anti-war protests. They are angry that some insane war criminals are encroaching on God’s gift of life, the right to earthly happiness, and the freedom to make their own decisions about their future. And rightly so.

But when I mentioned God, I remembered … Have we not all filled the cup of His longsuffering with our unbelief and unfaithfulness, lying and meanness, selfishness and curiosity, physical and mental impurity, intrigue and deceit, malice and envy, betrayal and selfishness ?

This time we may miss it. The nuclear briefcase can be closed and paper and a pen can be placed on it for a compromise agreement.

But, if we do not come to our senses, sooner or later ….

The comment was republished by the profile of the abbot of the Gigini Monastery on Facebook.

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