Ssstt… RI is still gobbling up nickel export tax regulations after losing to the WTO

Nusa Dua

Indonesia to appeal after losing European Union export ban lawsuit at World Trade Organization (WTO) nickel. At the same time, the government is also discussing nickel export tax regulations.

This was stated by the head of the State Income Policy Center (PKPN) Pande Putu Oka on the sidelines of the 11th Annual International Forum on Economic Development and Public Policy (AIFED) at the Hilton Bali, Nusa Dua on Tuesday (6/ 12/2022).

“This discussion can still be held. What kind of discussion it will be, the policy to be adopted in the future can still be held. The discussion does not need to wait for the results of the appeal,” Oka said.

Even so, Oka doesn’t want the export tax plan nickel associated as arena of ‘revenge’ for Indonesia which lost at the WTO. According to him, the plan is there to support the availability of supply in the country and generate added value.

“Incidentally, the momentum is right, at the same time. But in reality our concern is to consider many things. We want to pay attention to the adequacy of our internal offer to process our industrial needs and create our added value,” he explained .

Oka also declined to speak when asked how much the tax rate for nickel exports includes the economic value that can be obtained. “Because it’s still under discussion, later when it’s conical it might be better, rather than making controversy,” he added.

Similarly, acting head of the Center for Macroeconomic Policy (PKEM) Abdurohman said that regulations on nickel export taxes are indeed under discussion. The WTO still believes this rule is tolerated, rather than Indonesia banning exports.

“The principle of the WTO is that export taxes (nickel“It can still be done, what can’t be export restrictions in the form of quotas are not in line with WTO principles,” he added.

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