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Guanajuato, Gto. August 23, 2021.- In coordination with the Brease Reconstruction Network Foundation (BRN), the State Secretary of Health began this Monday simultaneously in 5 locations an intensive day of breast reconstruction for 24 patients who overcame breast cancer.

More than 48 health professionals participate, including nurses, anesthesiologists and plastic surgeons.

The venues are the General Hospital of Irapuato, the Maternal and Child Hospital of Irapuato, the Community Hospital of Comonfort, the Community of Purísima del Rincón and the Community of Las Joyas de León.

With these 24 patients and another 14 intervened in the past months, this year 38 Guanajuato have already benefited, who have recovered their lives and the aesthetics of their breasts.

For the surgeries and as part of the new health protocols, Covid-19 PCR tests were applied, all of which were negative, the age range of the patients is 40 to 58 years.

BRN is the new face of the Rebicam Guanajuato Foundation, which, in synergy with the State Health Secretariat, has rebuilt and reintegrated more than 500 women to date.

The Secretary of Health Daniel Alberto Díaz Martínez urged to promote early detection: with self-examination of breasts from the age of 20, the clinical examination from the age of 25, and mammography in women between 40 and up to 69 years of age.

Guanajuato has mastgraphers strategically distributed throughout the State, through which this diagnosis is reinforced.

The causes of breast cancer are still not very certain, so early detection continues to be the cornerstone of the fight against this disease, it can even be the difference between life and death.

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When detected early, a proper diagnosis is established, and treatment is available, the chances of a cure are very high.

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