SRT does not have 57 local-suburban buses from January 26.

The State Railway of Thailand announces a temporary adjustment to the social car service Focused on not running during rush hour, the number of 57 trains starting on January 26, ’64 to reflect the new coronavirus journey.

Mr. Nirut Maneepan, Governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) revealed that according to the Coronavirus Disease Situation Management Center 2019 (CRC), there is a policy to seek cooperation for people to avoid. Or delay travel to prevent the spread of new coronavirus disease, the railway has to adjust the service in accordance with the guidelines of the SEC, with the suspension of the train service Social: regular, local trains And 57 suburban trains that did not run during peak hours starting from January 26, 2021 onwards

In this regard, the adjustment of the service of the bus The State Railway has taken into account the suitability of providing services to the public. By considering the suspension of the bus only on the routes that have few passengers Or is it a train that is not very necessary for the public and does not run during rush hours, the train also has a full range of buses to support the travel of the public in all routes.

Moreover, the train In addition, surveillance measures and prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection have been implemented. According to the policy of the Ministry of Transport Department of Rail Transport And the Ministry of Public Health strictly By setting a screening point to measure passenger temperature before entering the station area Setting up hand sanitiser service points Must wear a mask during the trip. Along with the scan of the Thai winning application Before and after using the service But if passengers cannot use the Thai application wins Can fill in the travel information instead For people who want to travel by train You can ask for more information at the Customer Service Center. Telephone number 1690 24 hours a day or Facebook fan page PR Team State Railway of Thailand

For the non-operating social train since January 26, 2021, including

The northern line number 13 trains
– Ordinary Train No. 207/208 Bangkok-Nakhon Sawan-Bangkok
– Ordinary train no. 209/210, Bangkok-Baan Takhli-Bangkok
– Ordinary train no. 211/212, Bangkok-Taphan Hin-Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 303/304 Bangkok-Lopburi-Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 317/318 Bangkok-Lopburi-Bangkok
– Local train at 401/402 Lopburi – Phitsanulok – Lopburi
– Local Train 409, Ayutthaya – Lopburi

Northeast line, number 18 trains
– Ordinary train no. 233/234 Bangkok-Surin-Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 339/340, Bangkok-Kaeng Khoi Junction-Bangkok
– Local Train No. 417/416 Nakhon Ratchasima – Udon Thani – Nakhon Ratchasima
– Local Train No. 419/420 Nakhon Ratchasima – Ubon Ratchathani – Lam Chi
– Local convoy at 423/424 Lam Chi – Samrong Thap – Nakhon Ratchasima
– Local train no. 427/428 Nakhon Ratchasima – Ubon Ratchathani – Nakhon Ratchasima
– Local convoy at 433/434 Kaeng Khoi Junction – Bua Yai Junction – Kaeng Khoi Junction
– Local train at 437/438 Kaeng Khoi Junction – Lam Narai – Kaeng Khoi Junction
– Local train at 439/440 Kaeng Khoi Junction – Bua Yai Junction – Kaeng Khoi Junction

Southern Line, number 12 trains
– Ordinary train convoy 251/252 Thonburi – Prachuap Khiri Khan – Thonburi
– Ordinary train no. 259/260, Thonburi – Waterfall – Thonburi
– Ordinary Train No. 261/262, Bangkok-Hua Hin-Bangkok
– Local train no. 455/456 Nakhon Si Thammarat – Yala – Nakhon Si Thammarat
– Combined train convoy at 485/486 Nong Pla Duk Junction – Namtok – Nong Pladuk Junction
– Total number of trains at 489/490 Surat Thani – Khiri Rat Nikhom – Surat Thani

Eastern line, number 14 trains
– Ordinary train no. 275/276, Bangkok – Ban Khlong Luek Border – Bangkok
– Ordinary train no. 277/278, Bangkok-Kabin Buri-Bangkok
– Ordinary train at 279/280, Bangkok – Ban Khlong Luek Border Checkpoint – Bangkok
– Ordinary Train No. 281/282, Bangkok-Kabin Buri-Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 367/368, Bangkok-Chachoengsao Junction-Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 379/380 Bangkok – Hua Takhe – Bangkok
– Suburban Train No. 389/390 Bangkok-Chachoengsao Junction-Bangkok


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