Sri Mulyani’s forecast for the US dollar to approach Rp. 15,000 is now proven


The exchange rate of the United States (US) dollar continued to strengthen against the rupiah. Exchange rate dollar AS this afternoon at the level of Rp. 14,970 or close to the level of Rp. 15,000.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati once said the rupiah would be depressed until the end of the year in a working meeting with the DPR RI’s Budget Agency. He said the US dollar is predicted to be at the level of Rp. 14,180-14,925.

“The exchange rate is under pressure amid the strengthening dollar index,” said Sri Mulyani as quoted from the news period 1 July 2022.



Not only the exchange rate of the rupiah against dollar ASSri Mulyani also predicts that the Indonesian economy will begin to recover and will continue to grow. At the end of the year, Sri Mulyani believes that the annual economic growth will be at the level of 4.9-5.4%.

Meanwhile, in the second half of 2022, it is estimated that economic growth will penetrate the level of 4.9-5.5%. The recovery momentum occurs because there has been an increase in community mobility.

On the other hand, the economic sector also began to squirm amid rising exports and imports. Industrial electricity consumption and manufacturing index also increased, which means the industry is starting to grow again.

“We convey the basic assumptions of our 2022 macro economy in the second semester growthis estimated at 4.9-5.5%. The whole year was at 4.9-5.4%,” said Sri Mulyani.

Meanwhile, inflation is estimated to be in the range of 3.5-4.5% until the end of the year. Then Indonesia’s oil price may still be high until the end of the year at the level of US$ 90-105 per barrel.

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