SRI Commission proposes important law change: Mayors to receive information from services – News by sources

The members of the Parliamentary Commission for the control of SRI activity paid a working visit to Galați, to the Regional Intelligence Directorate Moldova Sud of the Romanian Intelligence Service, with competencies in the counties of Galați (headquarters), Bacău, Brăila, Buzău and Vrancea. On this occasion, the members of the SRI Commission concluded that the mayors of the county seat municipalities should be among the beneficiaries of information from the services.

“I participated, together with my colleagues from the Commission, in a parliamentary control activity in Galați, where I had several meetings with the SRI leadership from the South Moldova region. It was an action that was included in our control plan for this year. The Commission’s move in the territory was thoroughly prepared and we had, in Galati, a series of very applied, concrete discussions on the organization and activity of the directorate, the main security risks in the region, such as migration or cross-border threats, but also on adapting operations and human resources to the new challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We also discussed in Galați that the change of security laws no longer supports postponement. Indeed, the work of those on duty and not only from the SRI, but also from the defense structures, is hampered by legislative gaps in combating the current security challenges.

Regarding the updating of the laws, we analyzed and we all came to the conclusion that the mayors of the county seat municipalities should be included on the list of information beneficiaries, such as the presidents of the county councils and prefects. We will make this proposal in the Parliament “, declared senator Cristian Chirteș, the president of the SRI Commission in the Parliament.



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