Squid Game’s “Lee Jung Jae” gets to be the director of “Hunt Hunt for fake persons”: Maya Channel

“Lee Jung Jae”, a well-known Korean actor who has become a world-class actor. right after distributing his function In the strike Squid Match 2021 collection, his excellent talent gained him the SAG Awards and he was nominated. Golden World and Emmy Award nominations made him a superstar. and grew up as a excellent actor Alist who is regarded internationally.

The calendar year 2022 is an important purpose improve. with the podium as a director, creating a screenplay for the very first time, such as acting in Motion, the most popular spy of the yr, “Looking for False People”, as perfectly as making a phenomenon, bringing his 1st operate. It screened on the Midnight Monitor at the Cannes Film Pageant past calendar year. that incredibly few administrators are capable to get to this issue. Right after the screening of the film, he been given additional than 7 minutes of standing ovation and praise. come frustrating When the movie was introduced in Korea, the development was so powerful that it debuted at No. 1 at the Korean box office environment with in excess of 2 million admissions.

His 30-yr journey began with his debut film in 1993 and received the Best New Actor award for The Youthful Male, then Sandglass, Metropolis of The Growing Sun and up to element film. The passionate really like that Il Mare designed him know. He has continually been credited with will work including The Housemaid, The Thieves, New Entire world, Assassination, as perfectly as blockbuster movies these kinds of as Jointly with the Gods, Produce Us from Evil and the strike collection Squid Game.

Including the practical experience that lasts ten several years up to getting an additional career action other than the present and his new job with his initial film as a director, screenwriter and acting in a film. Intense “Hunt Hunt for Faux Folks” Spy Action That Would make Lee Jung Jae Sleepless All Night time “Lee Jung Jae” gave a guiding-the-scenes job interview with his 1st film

The experience that HUNT was officially invited to the midnight screening at the 75th Cannes Movie Pageant, a lot of folks noticed the fun and feeling of background. In this movie we join The power to create jointly is really thanked to the two the staff and all the actors. At the stop of the screening I was stunned and ashamed. Which has acquired the longest applause I have at any time acquired in my existence.

What is THE Movie ABOUT Hunting?

HUNT is an outspoken spy motion film. Tell the tale of the man or woman who has to do some thing against your beliefs and possess basic principle The tale of acquiring a spy hiding in the firm. KCIA, exactly where I played Park Pyong Ho and Kim Jung Do, performed by Jung Woo Sung, although seeking for spies. generating them the two suspicious. into each other and must occur Experiencing the murder circumstance of Korea’s amount one individual generating the story convert and turn out to be additional extreme

What if you ended up to introduce the character ‘Park Kyung Ho’ that he plays in HUNT as an actor?

The character Park Pyeongho, who I performed on HUNT as the head of the intelligence crew. Foreigners are rational individuals. He is also an intelligence officer who cares for his colleagues, but when he discovers that there is a spy in the organization, he gets to be suspicious of his colleagues till he is suspected of being a spy, but nonetheless does his finest. to follow him. spy concealed in the firm.

You break up among Pyong Ho, who labored for the KCIA for 13 decades, and former army officer Jung Do. by the costume And how do I do it

The film is complete of male people. Most of them are KCIA personnel, so the two the forms of apparel and the hues are similar. But the clothing team has ready a vintage tie. and quite a few jewels of that period to show the uniqueness of every character Collectively they made the uniforms of Thai soldiers, police, authorities officials. and military persons

How does each individual character rank in Hunt?

I want each and every character to be valuable. Jung Do, I want you to begin out as an exciting person. until eventually he impressed The Relentless Rage at the conclusion, Joo Kyung is the only wild card in the tale. But it is extremely important to change the story: Cheolsung is a faithful servant of the tyrant. I want it to be the lotus underneath the mud. Never ever acknowledging that he was becoming brainwashed the full time, Yoo Jung did not demonstrate up generally. But she is the closest character to the mysterious character in the story. She was disgusted with the steps of the older technology. But she gets from Pyeong-ho the response to the lifestyle she was wanting for.

HUNT has a blend of spy dramas. but there is also a war The psychology of the two protagonists place alongside one another in the class of history. How do you express that level in the movie?

It was essential to Pyeongho and Jung Do. Always in the experience of loss of life and demise. keep them banging when their correct intentions ended up disclosed in the 3rd act of the story. The place will be even much more excess weight. Binding in Act The to start with and 2nd act have been quite hard.

During the path of HUNT, what was the centre of your focus?

This movie has to be enjoyable. But I assume it would be a superior possibility to talk. with a good deal of folks all around The stories are based mostly on what transpired in the 80s, but I assume the 80s and now have different factors. the full story in individuals factors as perfectly as other concepts that the people have Seeking to convey what was assumed. I believe it is very vital. There will have to be a distinct explanation why the figures collide in these kinds of warmth. And I hope the fight This fierce will fill the display screen Issues that ought to not be noticed as well a great deal, we must sit down and assume together.

You are also enjoying the position in this tale. We are assured that the experience As an artist of the past will have an effect on how you immediate the actors in the tale. Do you have any certain details that you focus on?

In the previous, if the problem in the script was convincing and there had been complementary scenes My effectiveness will appear in a natural way. But if not, I consider to convey as a great deal as achievable what the director wishes. In between the preparatory levels and the rehearsal of the script, there ended up a several details the place I adjusted the dialogue dependent on the opinions from the actors. Even though at times I have to influence them to make them perform some scenes that they sense uncomfortable far too.

How is HUNT various from other spy films?

I believe this film is about a team of individuals fighting for their ideals. It has grow to be additional precise to explain to North Korea and South Korea. Spy film time There will be a circumstance or situation the place each individual remarkable deal with helps make me experience incredibly energized. We ourselves have thought a large amount. How to make a Korean-design and style spy various from other spy flicks? Most spy movies It will depart a thriller for the audience to reconstruct the story. But I wrote the screenplay Why You Want to Make Rigorous Movies. with both equally significant and little reversals and unraveling I consider not to The story is way too elaborate to comply with. And I just hope the audience has pleasurable.

On HUNT, wouldn’t composing, directing, and even performing on your own, 3 positions be an straightforward final decision?

In actuality I acquired the copyright of the tale. destined to be the sole organizer But sitting down and waiting around just about every day is really hard. Feeling awkward and regretting the passage of time So I started writing my script. And when I compose composition for four yrs he wrote the blueprint for every single subject matter Generating a sweet font I obtained encouragement from the folks around me. the aspect that claims I’ll try to immediate myself. Until finally the stop, he arrived to direct.

The ambiance on the set with actor Jung Woo Sung who is a near mate. How are you?

We talked a ton about doing work alongside one another again soon. Just after doing the job with each other for several years on The City of the Rising Sunshine, we experimented with to make it feasible and even wrote a script together at a single point. But she never ever appeared in a motion picture until she arrived in the movie. . I was quite psyched to have him in the movie. I want individuals to say that Jung Woo Search engine optimisation is the finest on display when he gets hit by Lee Jung Jae. On established, he is chaotic using care of each and every other. For me to concentration on directing Enable Jung Do appear out really amazing. Opposite of Mr. Wooseong Due to the fact the far more time passes, the extra exhausted I consider. “My close friend could die like this” he kept supplying me nutritional vitamins. For now, just becoming future to just about every other is reassuring. Until the working day there is no queue for photos appear following It is the most encouraging.

What particular suggestions did you give to portray your head in the movies?

I wished to consider one thing new, be it the colour scheme, the composition, even the shooting spot. The digicam workforce ought to meet up with Several of the creations throughout the shoot. I feel they are the most challenging. which include the stunt crew due to the fact I want the scene. The motion in each individual scene is impressive and real looking. I want to push it to the limit. but also accumulate entirely in depth

How did you develop 1980s South Korea in history?

The huge trouble is that no place gives the variety of 80’s vibe all in just one position. We also simply cannot estimate. sufficient to rebuild them all. But our crew did a excellent occupation. They get over the obstacles and come across the excellent spot. Especially for the scenes exactly where we simulated Washington, Tokyo and Thailand, we shot them all in Korea. Although the preparatory phase can hardly be referred to as a blood root. But the end result produced us ignore the hardships of that time.

The strategy at the rear of the combating that was the highlight of the Hunt movie?

Fury, realism and detail are the three most critical. I do storyboard with the specific results office, the stunt team and the CG group, it is really surely not an simple task. But that is the only way we can retain capturing effortlessly. I wish there was a auto chase. Chasing just about every other by means of the streets, exploding and splashing as if they ended up on the battlefield. I also want all of this to seem new. that each and every group has not let down me

We listened to you changed this explosive procedure to use normal ingredients. Do you have any certain reasons?

I have been an actor for a extended time. I understand them effectively. I respect the basic safety and wellness of all our personnel, so we choose to use wheat flour rather of chemical components.

What would you like to say to the audience who will meet HUNT at the cinema?

Of study course, the magnificent motion scenes are an significant section of the film. But I want to make guaranteed the viewers is immersed in the story. amazed at every change and allows the two protagonists Even if we say that it is a kind of movie The spy is accurate, but the content material is not. so complex You may perhaps imagine that the felony investigation process is not intricate. but in simple fact we have described it to you in a incredibly very simple way: you can go and have a glance at it comfortably, but points can go incredibly promptly. Just have enjoyment with individuals speeds.

Meet the latest operate from planet-renowned actor Lee Jung Jae with his devotion to directing, composing and acting in the hottest spy action movie of the year, “Hunt”, a earth-renowned Korean movie. And it acquired an overwhelming reaction until it was marketed in a lot more than 140 nations. For Thailand, get prepared to have entertaining with each other on September 1st in theaters.

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