Square Enix will unveil several new games during the summer

Square Enix will spend the summer unveiling several new games. It recently confirmed the company in an investor interview (via No Investment, No Life, translated by Gematsu).

Like many other gaming companies, Square Enix was originally supposed to show upcoming games at E3 in June. When the fair was canceled, backup solutions were needed, but these too did not go as planned.

– We would normally announce new games at E3. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement, but did not get it as things did not become clear in time, Square Enix said with a hint that home office and corona restrictions are to blame.

Instead, projects will appear in turn as they are ready. Exact dates were not revealed, but “more” of the presentations will be launched in July and August, the developer says.

Square Enix has already shown some new games this year. The mysterious Project athia was announced with a short trailer during Sony’s PlayStation 5 presentation, while a rhythm games based on Kingdom Heartsseries appeared in mid-June.

Kingdom Hearts is supposed to be a TV series.
Rumors claim that Sora and company are on their way to Disney + »


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