Square Enix was temporarily unable to develop games due to pandemic

Although we are all spending more money on games this year, the company is warning of the consequences of production problems. For example, the company was temporarily unable to develop anything itself.

Development of new Square Enix games was halted due to the pandemic. That says CEO and president Yosuke Matsuda Financial Times.

“There is a significant impact on the manufacturing side,” says Matsuda. “That will resonate in the future. The sales numbers today are positive aspects, but on the other hand, production has stood still at the time. We couldn’t develop anything. That’s where the impact comes from.”

Yosuke highlights the contrast between increased sales due to global lockdowns and production problems. According to the president, these production problems “undermine” increased consumer spending.

Square Enix released Final Fantasy 7 Remake in some regions a week earlier in March due to store closures. Final Fantasy 16 is currently under development, with the company releasing Outriders, Bravely Default 2, Balan Wonderworld, Babylon’s Fall and Project Athia in the future.


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