Square Enix President sees NFT as a motivator for players

NFT, Too Simbol Non-FungibleThis has been a hot topic for the past year — in many ways. While some CEOs and big animals in the video game industry prefer unique digitally protected objects like The next industry savior Players and fans praise and support everyone very critical In front of.

This is how Ubisoft’s NFT attack called “Quartz” triggered it Big dirty storm The stalker 2 developers also got a good slap after announcing NFT content, which prompted them to use To ignore the encryption plan again. And while we’re just into the new year, the next big companies are already joining NFT.

Square Enix wants to get in on the action

We are talking about Square Enix, big Japanese company behind Game series like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Or Forspoken coming soon. Yosuke Matsuda, Presiden Publisher and developer, turned into one yesterday detailed statement It’s not only spoken in NFT, it’s also seen in it The future of the industry. Besides developing NFT and Metaverse, Matsuda also spoke stimulation games:

“I understand that some people ‘play for fun’ and the majority of players today have doubts about this new trend, which is understandable. However, I think there are a number of people who are motivated ‘to play’ to contribute” and so help make the game more interesting.”

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