Square Enix opens the “Dragon Quest” series for individual creators to earn platform revenue | 4Gamers

Square Enix announced today (14) the content specifications for personal audiovisual content. Ming Culture formulates individual players to upload animations and profit-making methods produced by its games to audiovisual websites. As Japan’s national RPG, the opening of the “Dragon Quest” series has great symbolic significance.

In today’s announcement, the most important amendment is that personal income obtained through audio-visual sharing websites is not considered for commercial purposes, and no additional application is required. Therefore, individuals can use the “Dragon Quest” series of movies and live broadcasts to start income.

The works that are open to use in the “Dragon Quest” series are listed on the official website (Click here), currently from the oldest “Dragon Quest 1” to the latest “Dragon Quest 11S” are open, and also contains some series of extensions. However, some of the works about the plot thunder still have forbidden sections (most of them are forbidden endings), which can be checked by the link of each work in the above link.


In addition, Square Enix has also negotiated with JASRAC (Japan Recording Association) that the music copyright part has been released on the two platforms of Youtube and Niconico, but only BGM that appears under normal game conditions. If it is extracted separately, or deliberately let the screen Still, just for BGM movies is not acceptable.

However, the above regulations are only limited to individuals. If it is a company or enterprise, it must be discussed separately. UMMM, which owns a large number of Youtubers in Japan, also announced today that it has negotiated a contract with Square Enix, so in the future, it will include the Youtuber with the highest number of subscriptions in Japan. Anyone can use the related images of “Dragon Quest”.


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