Spurs VS Aston Villa 0-2: ‘Buendia-Luiz’ supplied The arrogant lion attacked the chicken to death.

Spurs vs Aston Villa: result 0-2 The Chicken Golden Spur continues to form continuously After this match, Sing Pong invaded home on a 2-0 scoreline by second half goals from Emiliano Buendia and Douglas Luiz, putting Spurs now behind 4th placed Red Devils 2. Points but played more than 1 game

Football Premier League 2022/23

Tottenham Hotspur 0-2 Aston Villa

English Premier League football match 2022/23 Sunday 1 January 2023 ‘Golden Spur Chicken’ Tottenham Hotspur open field Tottenham Hotspur stadium welcome the visit of “Sing Pong” Aston Villa

In the 9th minute, Sing Phong waved first, Ollie Watkins took the ball from the left side, cut in the middle and shot with the right joint. But the ball fell from the near post.

Then, in the 40th minute, Ivan Perisic slipped into the penalty area. Before opening the ball from the right side to allow Harry Kane to strike, although outposts such as Robin Olsen had already come out of position, Ashley still pulled back to counter the ball from the goal line in time.

Later, in the 44th minute, Son Heung-min scored a free kick from the left side of the penalty area. But the ball flew into the hands of Dan Villa. Causing the first half to end, both teams could do nothing yet. The tie is 0-0.

OBJECTIVE!! Until the second half, in the 50th minute, the away team scored a goal ahead of Douglas Luiz, who tried to look away. Emiliano Buendia Score on goal to give Aston Villa a 1-0 lead.

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In the 57th minute Ivan Perisic shoots down a shot in the penalty area. But the ball fell after the shot

OBJECTIVE!! But then, in the 73rd minute, the rising lion came and scored the second goal, John McGinn put the ball into the penalty area. Douglas Luiz Put the ball on the ground Before kicking the ball against Hugo Lloris in the net Giving Villa a 2-0 lead

Also during the rest of the time, the golden spur chicken will try to invade in hopes of reclaiming the door. But it didn’t work out in the end. Causing it to end the game as Aston Villa defeated Tottenham Hotspur by a scoreline of 2-0, picking up 3 points, climbing to 21 points from 17 games, still 12th in the table. 5th as usual

List of 11 real players on the pitch

spurs : Hugo Lloris (GK), Christian Romero, Clement Lenglet, Ben Davis, Matt Doherty, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Yves Bissu Ma, Ivan Perisic, Brian Gil, Son Heung-min, Harry Kane

Aston Villa: Robin Olsen (GK), Ashley Young, Ezri Konza, Tyrone Mings, Lucas Digne, John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Boubacar Ka. Mara, Emiliano Buendia, Ollie Watkins, Leon Bailey

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