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Ottenham and England star Eric Dier have joined a growing list of famous Lego fans.

The defensive player reveals his passion for building bricks in this week’s ES magazine.

When asked what he collects, the 27-year-old responds: “Lego. I find that making Lego is very peaceful. I have many cars, cranes, motorcycles. The Land Rover Defender is my favorite Lego piece and my favorite car.

Last year, Dier and his former Spurs teammate Jan Vertonghen were filmed playing with Lego before a Champions League game against RB Leipzig.

He joins the growing list of famous Lego fans, including footballer David Beckham and actors Orlando Bloom, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Radcliffe.


Beckham shared a picture in May of last year of him completing a Lego bottle of his aftershave: Instinct. The set was said to be a gift from his wife, Victoria Beckham.

Elsewhere, Lord of the Rings star Bloom shared her Lego collection during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Kimmy Fallon last year.

Previously, his fiancee Katy Perry “highlighted” him.

On the show, he said it had been “comforting” to build Lego, especially with his son Flynn, whom he shared with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

“These are hours of quarantine. Those are Lego, ”he said, pointing to the shelves full of toys.

“In fact, I found it a bit reassuring. Actually, Flynn and I started off with this big silver Porsche here, and I got in so much that he would say ‘Dad, I’m going to go to bed,’ and I’d say, ‘Just another 15 minutes, we can do it.’ , only on the next page ‘”.

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Other famous British Lego fans include Zoe Ball, who in January posted a photo of a complete Sesame Street Lego set.

Ball, the host of the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show, tweeted a picture of her assembling Lego while on a break from her hosting duties.

Singer Alicia Keys received a sparkly Lego-themed necklace for her 40th birthday.

Last month, Lego revealed its fastest growth in five years thanks to growing demand from families locked out during the pandemic.

/ Argos / PA

TMZ reports that Keys’ husband, musician and rapper Swizz Beatz, commissioned the chain “worthy of Alice’s love for Lego.”

The necklace was said to have cost him six figures.

Beatz also reportedly bought his wife a Statue of Liberty set to add to their extensive existing collection.

Dier also spoke about how his loyalty to Spurs would go beyond the grave to ES Mag. When asked where he would like to be buried, he said: “I would have my ashes scattered at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.”

He said his club had other benefits. “There are many Tottenham fans among the [Taxi] taxi drivers. I have some free rates.

ES Magazine comes out on Thursdays and Fridays.

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