Spotify Wrapped: How to View Your Most Streamed Songs and Artists on Spotify in 2021


We explain how to see your songs and artists most listened to in 2021 on Spotify
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How to know which are your most listened songs and artists of the year on Spotify is easy with the new feature activated by the online music giant. Spotify already has available Wrapped 2021, that offers its users to know their most listened to genres, artists, songs and podcasts throughout this year that is ending.

All Spotify users will be able to access the personalized experience through the mobile app, because although it is true that the most listened to artist of the year has been Bad Bunny, It may not match yours, right?It is customary, every December, to make compilations of everything about the year, about the favorite movies seen, the books read, the trips made … And for the songs, Wrapped 2021 allows you to take a quick X-ray of your musical tastes or obsessions, at least for the enjoyment you have used Spotify.

Wrapped 2021 is available through a button located on the app home tab and when activating it, you will get your summaries of the whole year:

  1. You will know what the artists, genres, songs and pdcast what else have you heard.
  2. The minutes that you’ve been hooked on Spotify and if they are many or few in relation to the rest of the users of the app.
  3. Ass are you aura musical, that is, Spotify offers a graphical visualization through colors to determine, according to your listeners, what are the predominant moods in your music (for example, the color of joy is purple, tranquility, green. ..).
  4. Wrapped 2021 Fusin: With this new function, you can know the matches of your musical tastes with those of your friends, and combine your playlists.
  5. Two truths and a lie: it is a game that takes as a basis the data that you share in networks. Two truths and a lie about your listening on Spotify that your followers will have to find out. True or false?

The cards that make up your summary can be shared through social networks: Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, which is the novelty of this year.

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