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Spotify is introducing a new feature that will allow users to better discover nearby events and concerts. The streaming service today Announcement Replaces your in-app gig hub with a new live event feed that will let you find events from favorite artists in your area in a personalized way based on your own interests.

The update is just the first step towards a reimagined strategy around live events, Spotify says. The company notes that its goal is to further integrate event discovery into the app in the future, which could see the introduction of new search tools, playlist formats and other integrations into the app. application that will make event discovery more seamless. a bigger part of the overall Spotify listening experience. .

The company has invested in gig discovery features for many years, ever since it first introduced a concert discovery feature in 2015. Although Spotify does not directly sell event tickets, it can leverage its listening data and knowledge of a user’s location to suggest concerts to fans who may be interested in attending.

The new live event stream continues to be powered by Spotify’s existing ticketing partnerships, which previously entered listings on Concert Hub. The company works with Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets and others to help get event listings and direct users to purchasing their tickets.

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But this system was not working as well as it should have been, it seemed. In an interview published with the company BlogSpotify product manager for live event discovery, Sam Sheridan, admitted that music fans will interact with artists on their platform, but leave the Spotify app when they want to buy tickets or follow artists on live events. social networks to get more money on event updates. This indicates that Spotify’s product was not doing enough to prevent users interested in live events from using its own app to purchase tickets.

Although Spotify does not disclose details of its partnership agreements, this has affected its results, as Spotify earns affiliate commissions from ticket sales initiated within the app.

The updated live event feed is a bit different from the Concert Hub, the company notes. Now includes images of the artist, instead of the calendar icon which displayed the date and program information. like before. When you go to a particular show, you can also see the concert schedule as well as other event details, a link to buy tickets, and other music recommendations. Spotify says it has also introduced a new messaging tool, which will alert fans with personalized recommendations about live events based on their listening habits. Fans can control this experience by setting their notification preferences.

Additionally, when users stream to an artist in the Spotify app who has an upcoming show, that information will now be displayed in the app while listening. This will help display live events even for those who are not visiting the live event feed.

The company had to change its live events strategy during the pandemic when focus on virtual events in exchange. But Spotify now thinks the time is right to refocus on concerts and live events, as listeners are now excited to see their favorite artists perform live again.

“Ultimately, our goal is to make sure fans are aware of all upcoming events from creators they love and creators they may like,” said Rene Volker, Senior Events Director at directly, in the ad. . “We believe that if we are successful, we can bring more fans to more shows and help artists and venues fill venues better. We would love to help help the live music industry get back on its feet and, more importantly to us, help it grow for years to come.

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