Spotify Podcast Department Cuts 200 Positions in Strategic Realignment

Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Spotify’s layoffs this year aren’t over yet, as “Strategic Realignment“, they decided to cut 200 positions in the podcast department (about 2% of the total headcount). In the future, Spotify will switch to a “more tailored strategy” with a leaner team to optimize resources for each podcast creator and its shows. With this adjustment, Gimlet and Parcast previously acquired by Spotify will also be integrated into the new Spotify Studios. They will continue to produce well-known shows, but they will also start to create new content.

Spotify as a whole will try to “maximize consumption” based on its existing user base, encouraging users to listen to more shows more often. They will also improve Spotify For Podcasters analytics tools, improve advertising options and add “more business models” to help creators monetize.

2023-06-07 03:59:44
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