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By Penelope Hoeth

Spotify Plus could be usable from a price of 99 cents.

Photo: dpa / Fabian Sommer

Undisturbed music enjoyment at a low price? Anyone who found the Spotify Premium version too expensive up to now could soon look forward to an inexpensive alternative.

By Penelope Hoeth

08/18/2021 – 11:27 a.m.

Stuttgart – So far there have been two options for using the Spotify streaming service. Users could either book the premium version for 9.99 euros a month or use the free version with some restrictions. A cheaper version could soon be added, a kind of mini subscription that combines features of the premium version with those of the free version. The company is currently testing the version called “Spotify Plus”, which is supposed to cost just 99 cents.

Spotify Plus combines various features

Although the cheap plus version of advertising should also be interrupted, individual songs should be able to be played directly. For comparison: With the free version, the skipping of songs per hour is limited to six, songs cannot be played directly.

It remains to be seen whether the subscription will be launched and what exactly it will cost. The Spotify mini subscription is currently still in the test phase.

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