Spotify Live Event Stream: How to Find Gigs in Your Area

Spotify’s latest addition is the live event stream. It will alert users to shows based on their listening habits and even prompt them to purchase tickets.

A famous all-digital music platform, Spotify has added a live event feed to help subscribers find real music. This isn’t the company’s first attempt to get people to enjoy music outside of the app, but its drive to improve on previous efforts is evident through these sorts of updates.

The Spotify app is full of useful little features and options that can make it a pleasant system to engage with. Everyone’s heard of its annual Wrap-Up feature, but there are also fun, lesser-known parts like Blend and Duo playlists or Family Mode. However, Spotify has also always designed the user interface of the app to keep it simple. The positive result of this inclination is that the application remains as easy to use as ever, no matter how many additions are made to the platform. The downside is that these cool features can be easy to miss.


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There are undoubtedly people who use Spotify on a daily basis and who did not know that there was a Concert Hub. This appears to be an issue that the app developers have also acknowledged as the app has now received an updated version of the feature in the form of the live event stream. A Publish on the Spotify blog details the new stream and explains the philosophies leading to this change. It’s now much more than just a fleeting footer notification announcing that the artist has an upcoming performance.

Find Gigs with Spotify’s Live Events Stream

The live event stream as it appears on Spotify for desktop.

It’s a robust update but Spotify has stuck to its usual tricks. This means that using the live event stream is both simple and almost entirely missing. The easiest way to access it in the app is to select the Search button from the footer menu. Research is a mess of colored blocks; some leading to playlists and some leading to features. One of these blocks should read “Live Events” and simply tapping it will generate a list of nearby events, populated based on information Spotify has about the user and people in their area. On the desktop version of Spotify, Live Events will always be in the Search menu, accessible by clicking “Search” in the top left corner.

The interesting thing about this upgrade is how thoughtful the feature is. This goes beyond simply giving a date and time for each show. Instead, the live event feed attempts to notify users of nearby shows based on in-app listening preferences, and also reveals ticket availability while connecting to platforms that sell tickets. tickets. The stream will also allow fans to view live broadcasts when available directly within the app. People who frequently use the live event stream will have a surface version of the list on their homepage, somewhat reminiscent of its other playlists.

Spotify has a stated laudable goal of making it easier for listeners to support their favorite artists with this feature, but the obvious and cynical perspective perhaps focuses on the fact that Spotify has “ticketing partners” in the events industry. live. Still, it’s an undeniably useful option for anyone who lives on Spotify and wants to listen to their favorite tunes while surrounded by like-minded listeners.

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