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Spotify has added Stories to playlists again. For example, if you now navigate to the Christmas Hits playlist, you could be given the opportunity to see the corresponding Stories there. These are short video messages, similar to Twitter’s new Fleets.

Opposite Engadget Swedish Spotify confirms that it is in this example is a test. It is therefore not yet clear whether the function will be realized and in what form exactly. The test follows shortly after Twitter’s introduction of Fleets. These are temporary messages, photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Such a time limit does not seem to be ingrained in the Spotify variant.

Other media that have a similar function are Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. This is certainly the second time that Spotify has incorporated these Stories into its app; last time was in May of 2019.

Other playlists with the Stories are tear drop in Megan Thee Stallion presents Good News, the Enhanced Album. It seems the Stories are limited to playlists from Spotify itself. In a test by Tweakers themselves, the Stories did appear in the Android app and not in the non-uwp player for Windows.

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