Spotify Introduces Superpremium Subscription for Lossless Music Streaming

Spotify Introduces Superpremium Subscription for Lossless Music Streaming

Streaming service Spotify is once again flirting with lossless music streaming
A new type of subscription has appeared in the application code
If the information is true, it could cost around 550 crowns per month

Spotify is among the most popular music streaming services in the world. Nevertheless, when it comes to quality and not quantity, a number of audiophiles are able to present a number of reservations about this Swedish platform, and it must be noted that they are often justified. In short, users have to decide whether they prefer a sophisticated news recommendation algorithm and a wide range of performers, or the highest possible quality. But that could soon change, at least according to Reddit user Hypixely.

Premium quality at a premium price

He discovered information about a new type of subscription, the so-called Superpremium, in the application code. The latter should offer music in a lossless format, which could at least partially satisfy some music enthusiasts and help the service fight competition in the form of Tidal. There has been speculation about a Hi-Fi version of the Spotify subscription for a long time, at least since 2021, but the Swedes have not yet decided on anything like that.

Don’t overlook

Spotify is raising prices! The new price will affect everyone, but newcomers have an advantage

However, quality does not come for free. In addition to the name of the new subscription, the price of $19.99 per month (approx. CZK 550 with VAT) appeared in the code, which is certainly not a small amount in the context of various subscriptions. The question remains how well this new type of subscription would resonate with existing and potential customers and whether there will be interest in it. Tidal, which specializes in premium quality, has around 5 million subscribers, which would not help Spotify’s growth with 220 million active users.

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