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Spotify It is one of the applications that many like to use, either free or Premium, to be able to listen to music everywhere. Through it you can find millions of artists, from the most popular to the genres that only you like.

But to be able to enjoy Spotify and start downloading your songs without the need for external programs, it is necessary to pay a certain amount in order not only to be able to download what interests you, but also to listen to your music without having the random method or with commercials.

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As you know, the streaming application downloads all your content in highly encrypted folders, either on your cell phone or simply on your PC.

In order to access the folder where your downloaded content is located, you can go to the Settings of Spotify and there visualize in which folder you have determined that everything that you can listen to offline is recorded.


According to the Andro4All portal, there are a variety of pages with which you can download your music from Spotify, but the only requirement is that you must be Premium. Here we leave you an alternative:

  • Download on your Windows, macOS or GNU / Linux computer.
  • After that you must enter Spotify.
  • Search your library for the song you want in MP3.
  • Press the three vertical points shown on the right side.
With AllToMp3 you can download songs from Spotify. But you must have a Premium account. (Photo: MAG)
  • Press on “Share”.
  • Copy the song link from Spotify.
  • Once you have the link, paste it in the box AllToMp3.
  • Press “Enter” and you just have to wait for the song to download.
  • This will be saved on your computer in MP3 format. It should be noted that the program only works on the PC and not on smartphones.



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