Spotify: Albums are no longer played at random “for Adele”

Music albums are no longer played in random play mode by default on Spotify. Previously, the so-called “Shuffle” mode, which plays songs in random order, was also preset when playing albums. If you wanted to play an album in the order specified by the musicians, you had to manually deactivate random playback.

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With the change, Spotify is meeting the longstanding desire of many artists. BBC sea the company responded specifically to the request of the English singer Adele, who recently released her new album “30”. “It’s not for nothing that we think so much about the song order of our albums. Our stories should be heard the way we intended. Thanks for listening, Spotify,” Adele tweeted in response to the change. “Everything for you,” replied the streaming service’s corporate account.

In a statement to English-language media, Spotify emphasizes that both artists and users have long wanted to say goodbye to random playback of albums. Why it took so long to change the standard behavior of the streaming service is not clear from the statement.

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A look at the Android app from Spotify confirms the changed behavior when playing albums: If you tap the play button on an album, the shuffle mode is now switched off by default. If you want to set it again, you have to manually press the corresponding button in the playback view.

Playlists, on the other hand, are still played in random mode by default. If you listen to Spotify without a subscription, you also have to live with random playback.

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A feature announced last week has now arrived in Germany: In the playback view of tracks, Spotify can now display the lyrics in real time. To do this, you have to swipe up briefly in the mobile app. Spotify gets the lyrics from the provider Musixmatch.


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