Sports Update: Gianni Emerges as Top Scorer and England Secures 2-1 Victory over Italy

【Now Sports】The 2024 European Cup qualifiers kicked off on Thursday. The “Italy-Britain War” in Group C was the focus of attention. Although England, the guest, was kicked out in the second half of the game, they still scored two goals in the first half and finally scored 2: 1 defeated Italy in the final of the European Cup. Harry Janney surpassed Lonnie to become England’s all-time top scorer with a 12-yard goal in this game.

Italy’s attacking line uses the first-time call-up of the Arga Tigre striker Lidigu, together with Peregini and Biradi to form a trident, and the midfield line is in charge of Varadhi, Giorgio and Ballina. The 11 players in England’s main selection are all players who participated in the last World Cup in Qatar. Binningham put on the No. 10 jersey and pushed forward to support striker Harry Kane together with Saka and Galish.

In the first half, the British army turned away from the goal. In 12 minutes, although Binningham shot from outside the penalty area and was pushed out of the baseline by Donna Longma, the British army immediately took this corner kick and Saka took it from the right. The Italian army missed the post. Gianni gave him a chance to take a kick. Although the Italian defense in the province popped up, it landed at the feet of Dickin Wise, allowing him to easily make a supplementary shot into the net. In 13 minutes, the British army opened the gap.

In the 41st minute, Saka took another corner kick from the right to the far post of the penalty area. Di Lorenzo touched the ball with his hand when he clung to Janney. The knife shot also brought his international goals to 54 goals, surpassing Lonnie’s 53 goals and becoming the player with the most goals in the history of the British army. In fact, the British could have scored another goal in stoppage time, but Galish’s shot from Janney’s cross from the baseline went out of bounds.

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Italy did not hit the goal frame in the entire first half, but 56 minutes after the kick, they scored the first time they hit the target, and this opportunity came from the British backbone Harry McGaya who made a mistake in the backcourt, lost the ball and was counterattacked. As a result, Lidigu, who was left unattended, was assisted by Palikini, and the score was 1:2, and the goal was scored in the landmark match.

After chasing 1:2, the battle situation began to be tight. Italy replaced players such as Poletanu, Christendi, Rondo and Donali, and the offensive was vigorous. However, to the disadvantage of the British army, Zuo Zhashuer received two yellow cards in two minutes, so he was reduced to a 10-man challenge at 80 minutes, and was completely suppressed by the Italian army in the remaining time. Fortunately, he still resisted and kept 2. : The end of the 1 game, the first to open the door in this group.

England team history scoring list
Harry Janney 54 goals
Lonny 53 goals
Bobby Charlton 49 goals
Linica 48 goals
Jimmy Keeves 44 goals

Image credit: ©AFP

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